Bankruptcy – A Fresh Start

Each bankruptcy case is different from the last and from the next. It may seem all too easy to fill out the forms either online or through a non-attorney preparer. But the documents are not the service.  bankruptcy is much more than filing the forms and getting a discharge. Bankruptcy planning is mostly about choosing, planning, thinking, and using strategy.  Only an experienced bankruptcy attorney like John E. Hinden with knowledge of the law and the way your jurisdiction is handling certain issues is in the right position to counsel and guide you along.

Bankruptcy is an intensely and emotional matter.  Some believe bankruptcy carries with it a stigma of shame and failure.  Not so.  Bankruptcy laws offer the client a fresh start when things go in unexpected and unfortunate directions.  Who plans to lose their job, or have a catastrophic illness to themselves or a family member?  That happens in life and debt often accumulates during these times.

The law recognizes that debt can be healthy and is even necessary in certain situations.  Few people can pay cash for a house or start a business on a shoestring budget.  But sometimes our personal circumstances spiral out of control despite the best of intentions.  Most clients (I have encountered/represented) are not spending money they didn’t have on luxuries but rather were using credit to survive when they faced adversity or hit a wall professionally or medically.  Regardless of how you get to this point, you will never be judged, nor lose sight of the way that these matters affect our relationships with others and our feelings about ourselves.

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